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Premier Surgical would like to welcome you to our practice. We use the latest, advanced medical technology to provide our patients with the best opportunity in healthcare.

In order for us to provide you with the most comprehensive care possible, it is necessary that we know all about your medical history.

At the time of your appointment, please bring with you:

  • Any previous operative reports.
  • Medical records from current physicians involved in your care.
  • Current medications.
  • Any X-rays reports, or diagnostic studies (ex. Cat Scan, Pet Scan, MRI, Ultrasound), including all films/CDs.
  • Current lab work.
  • Your pharmacy’s telephone number.
  • A list of your treating physicians with their phone number.

New Patient Forms Medical Forms are needed for your appointment. They can be found on our Patient Portal. We require that you print each form and bring completed at the time of your appointment.


Below are the New Patient and/or Surgical Procedure Forms you will need for your upcoming appointment. Each of the forms listed can be found on our Patient Portal and filled out from the comfort of your home. Please be sure to print each form under that section and bring them completed at the time of your next visit.

We thank you in advance for your cooperation and look forward to providing you with the best comprehensive treatment you deserve.

If you are having issues accessing the portal, please review this help document

New Patient Forms:

  • Consent to Release
  • Patient Registration
  • Initial Consult
  • Assignment and Release
  • Financial Policy and Procedure
  • Privacy Form

Surgical Procedure Forms:

  • Medications to Avoid (2 pages)
  • Preoperative Instructions
  • Minor Procedure Instructions
  • Procedure Consent
  • Instructions for Vein Procedures
  • Post Operative Instructions
  • Bowel Prep for Miralax

The following is a list of Insurance carriers that Premier Surgical participates with. Should you have a different carrier, please contact our office. We work with all insurance carriers.

  • Aetna
  • AmeriHealth
  • BeechStreet
  • Cigna
  • Empire Blue Cross & Blue Shield
  • Federal Blue Cross & Blue Shield
  • GHI
  • GreatWest
  • HealthNet
  • Horizon
  • Medicare
  • Motor Vehicle
  • Oxford
  • Saint Barnabas
  • United Healthcare
  • Workers Compensation
  • Qualcare

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our office at (732) 262-1600.

Contact Us

To contact us or to schedule an appointment, please use the form below. You can also call our Brick office at (732) 262-1600. We look forward to hearing from you.


As hernia specialists, our physicians specialize in hernia consults, and treatments. They take pride in successful outcomes and low recurrence rates. Our physicians understand worker’s compensation and appreciate the importance of seeing your employees quickly and return them safely back to work. Our practice ensures that once the case manager contacts our office, we will see your employee within 24 – 48 hours. A quick note and treatment plan will be generated that same day. 

Our physicians use the latest techniques and materials for repair of hernias including synthetic and biological meshes. They are skilled in tissue-only hernia repairs, including the Shouldice, McVay, Bassini, and Desarda techniques. Due to their specialized training, our practice is requested both locally and nationally.

Our physicians are highly experienced and skilled in the diagnosis and treatment of hernias, including minimally invasive (Laparoscopic) treatments. These include : 

  • Inguinal Hernias
  • Femoral Hernias
  • Epigastric and Umbilical Hernias
  • Incisional Hernias
  • Recurrent Hernias
  • Hiatal Hernias
  • Paraesophageal Hiatal Hernias
  • Suprapubic Hernias
  • Spigelian Hernias
  • Complex Abdominal Wall Defects
  • Abdominal Wall Reconstriction
  • Laparoscopic Component Separation
  • Laparoscopic Hernia Repair.
  • Chronic Pain Following Hernia Repair
  • Laparoscopic Removal of Mesh and Mesh Plugs
  • Sports Hernias

If you have any questions, please contact our worker’s compensation liaison at (732) 262-1600. 



What are varicose veins?

The term ‘varicose veins‘ is often used to describe everything from smaller, spider veins (red or blue veins on the surface of the skin) up to true varicose veins (swollen, bulging veins with a rope-like appearance). Varicose veins are quite common, with one in three woman and one in five men experience problems. Varicose vein symptoms can include swelling, tiredness, heavy feeling, leg fatigue, leg pain, as well as burning and itching sensations.

What causes varicose veins?

Varicose veins are almost always associated with venous reflux. This occurs when the valves in the leg veins don’t work well, and backward blood flow causes pooling in the lower leg. Without treatment, the pressure this creates may increase over time and cause additional varicose veins and symptoms. People with a family history and who are older, obese or are pregnant may be at increased risk of developing varicose veins.

Can varicose veins be prevented?

It is unclear if varicose veins can be prevented, but certain actions may help limit the disease’s progression and symptoms. Routine exercise, maintaining a normal weight, avoiding excessively long periods of standing or sitting, and the use of compression stockings may all help alleviate symptoms.

What happens if I don’t treat the vein?

If you have underlying venous disease (e.g., venous reflux), the pressure created by backflow of blood and pooling in the lower legs may create a progressive condition that only gets worse with time. This may lead to additional spider veins and varicose veins, and in some cases can lead to swelling and venous ulcers at the lower calf and ankle. Only a trained vein specialist can effectively evaluate your spider veins or varicose veins.

What are spider veins?

Spider veins are small veins near the skin surface and appear as webs of blue, purple or red. Heredity is a significant contributing factor in the development of spider veins. Other predisposing conditions include excessive sun exposure and prolonged standing. Spider veins may also be a sign of an underlying malfunction of the larger leg veins. In this case sclerotherapy may be required to achieve satisfactory results. While surface laser and sclerotherapyare effective at closing the veins present at the time of treatment; neither of these procedures stops the body from making new spider veins. Thus, over time, additional treatment may be required to maintain the cosmetic appearance. Spider veins are generally considered a cosmetic issue and medical treatment is not required.

Will my spider veins or varicose veins reoccur, even with treatment?

Sometimes the same factors that helped to cause your first spider veins or varicose veins (e.g., family history, age, obesity, female hormones, etc.) will make you predisposed to develop additional vein conditions. If a specific vein is properly treated, it usually does not recur, but it is possible that other veins may become diseased. This is why it is important that even if you have what appear to be simple, cosmetic spider veins, that you consult a vein specialist who can determine if you have an underlying condition (venous reflux). If you do, and you don’t treat the cause of the problem, additional spider veins or varicose veins are likely to develop.

Won’t I need that vein?

Procedures like sclerotherapy and Closure act to close down a faulty vein. The vein being closed is dysfunctional and is allowing blood to flow backwards and pool, so leaving it open only makes things worse. The body contains numerous other healthy veins that are still functional and can easily take up the additional flow. Treatment of the faulty veins almost always results in improved blood flow in the overall vein system.

What is the cost of vein treatment?

Procedures like VNUS Closure/Venefit and ambulatory phlebectomy, when shown to be medically necessary, are commonly covered by Medicare and insurance providers. Sclerotherapy for spider veins is generally considered a cosmetic procedure and usually not covered. Consult your local insurance provider to determine your exact eligibility and coverage as well as cost.


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